Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blog Post 4: "My Best Dream"

One of my dreams is the planet T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  ‍The sky is red and there are purple, red, and yellow rocks around this planet.  So far, no trees are found in this planet.  There is only water vapor in this planet and no liquid water or ice.  However, there is a lot of salt underground, since miners wants some salt for the economy.  Unfortunately, there diamonds are more rarer to form on T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  There are also a ton of factories mostly for converting salt to useful items.  ‍You can only find cities underground of T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  Due to a special atmosphere, radio waves, micro waves and ultraviolet waves will disintegrate and lose wave speed and tone. The inner core of T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a is between 21,390℃ to 25,902℃.

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