Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blog Post 8: "Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving is a American holiday every November to celebrate the colonists have a big feast with the Native Americans.

You might have know this holiday since you live in Morocco.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blog Post 7: "Music (♫)"

I like music because it can make me calm, like lullaby and blues.  Unfortunately, I don't like country music but I like rock and hip hop music.  I don't know gospel music is.  I rarely watch music videos and I usually play the drums but not anymore.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Blog Post 6: "Culture and Religion of Trybeka"

There is religion but removed and forgotten in 2019 due to science that already took over religion by their realism of T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  For culture it is mostly inside underground movie theaters and on mobile devices. (📱) Culture is actually scarce in the desert of T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a since it is hot and very dry due to remains of nuclear activity happened on 2024.  So in this day, it is Maybelle N. Wilder's birthday on T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blog Post 5: "History of My Best Dream"

At the time of the writing () the date is 09/28/2116 in T‍r‍‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  In 2053, the copper and salt mines have constructed in skyrocket.  Then in 2059, one of first presidents to be on this planet went in office.  Finally in 2087, another planet shoots a nuclear missile at T‍r‍‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  However, only a hundred people survive at this planet .

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blog Post 4: "My Best Dream"

One of my dreams is the planet T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  ‍The sky is red and there are purple, red, and yellow rocks around this planet.  So far, no trees are found in this planet.  There is only water vapor in this planet and no liquid water or ice.  However, there is a lot of salt underground, since miners wants some salt for the economy.  Unfortunately, there diamonds are more rarer to form on T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  There are also a ton of factories mostly for converting salt to useful items.  ‍You can only find cities underground of T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a.  Due to a special atmosphere, radio waves, micro waves and ultraviolet waves will disintegrate and lose wave speed and tone. The inner core of T‍r‍y‍b‍‍e‍k‍a is between 21,390℃ to 25,902℃.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blog Post 3: "More About Me"

He‍r‍e‍ is some things more about me.  One television station I like watching is N‍A‍‍S‍A.‍   My favorite food is spaghetti and my favorite drink is K‍o‍‍o‍l‍‍-A‍‍i‍d‍™. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Blog Post 2: "Reflection on Place and Culture"

One thing that makes me proud of my home is how is where my computer is at that the spot I wanted.‍  ­Another thing I like for my home is my Pl‍ay‍Station 3.‍  Finally, the last thing is my Nintendo 3‍D‍‍S‍.‍