Thursday, September 15, 2016

Blog Post 1: "Abo­ut ­Me"

Hello my name is Alex Wilder!

So I like to play Minecraft, JavaScript, and Brython.  My favorite color is sand green. I have a brother named Devin.  Activity wised, I actually liked to run.

One of my favorite website is DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track youAnother thing I like to do is algebra and chemistry.  These are my favorite subjects.  Also I only like soft foods like a burger, and oatmeal, nothing crunchy.  I also don't like chocolate, and candy.  My precious childhood possession is my light blue blanket.

1 comment:

  1. Hello alex, I find incredible that you are so interested in chemistry I also find really amazing your idea of the planet trybeka. do you listen to any music? have you ever been to Morocco?